Styling of the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Styling of Taiko Restaurant, Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Styling for magazine Arquitectura y Diseño, Barcelona

Ninon and vandersandestudio were responsible for the styling-concept, sourcing, purchase and placing of objects for styling in the entire 5-star Conservatorium Hotel. Lighting, art, photography, ceramics, mirrors, stools, books, flower-concept, vases, paintings, decoration, unique furniture, articles used by staff, etc. were found by them and placed. They also worked in many other occasions with the architect of the hotel, Piero Lissoni.

A few years after the opening the concept of the restaurant changed into an Asian food restaurant, and Ninon and vandersande studio were asked again, to do the restyling for Taiko Restaurant in Conservatorium Hotel.

For photoshoots for the design magazine Arquitectura y Diseño, the stylist is responsible for the items and the composition in the photo.