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Erasmus Ziekenhuis - Rotterdam - 2017

In 2017 Ninon made a hippo measuring 200cm long for a doctor at the Erasmus Hospital in the Netherlands. This time the size of the hippo was adapted to the width of the door he had to fit through to get into the office. As this 'Hippo' is smaller than his life size brothers, Ninon created a special pedestal for him to stand on. The doctor whose office it now lives in says 'Hippo' still makes her happy every time she looks at it.

Below you can see Ninon at work as she creates each big hippo completely by hand. The process involved to achieve the final smooth finish is extremely precise and requires high quality craftsmanship. Even after the Hippo is lacquered with high quality lacquer, Ninon polishes the hippo to give it a final glamorous shine.

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