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In her art, Ninon wants to celebrate the beauty of animals and nature. She is fascinated by the way all living beings are connected. She can be found at her happiest riding on horseback through the forest accompanied by her dog. 

Working from the principle belief that 'all is one' she incorporates her love for animals and nature into her art pieces. Her sculptures verge on the abstract and sweetly capture the animals' essence. In her paintings and photographs, Ninon searches for the 'greatness of nature' in showing the consciousness of a universal vital force. Her work shows essence, inner force, sensuality, balance, life and love.

Ninon has travelled extensively. She has crossed the Andes on horseback, made journeys through deserts and jungles, and spent time sailing the Mediterranean Sea. Her work has been greatly influenced by the view of immensely beautiful landscapes. Speaking six languages, she immersed herself in different cultures while travelling, and this enriched her life. Ninon spends time in both Amsterdam and Ibiza, where the vibrant colours of the sky, trees and sea inspire her.

When Ninon makes a sculpture she thinks of it as a living being. She tries to open herself up and charge her hands with love, to then transmit that love to each artwork.

Ninon's work has not only been exhibited in art galleries around the globe, she has also been commissioned for special artworks in three continents. Her current portfolio of commissioned work includes:

  • Two sculptures for The Conservatorium Hotel, a luxury 5* hotel in Amsterdam

  • An outdoor sculpture for The Royal Senchi Hotel in Ghana

  • A red Hippo sculpture for a private estate in Beverly Hills, USA

  • A big Hippo for a private estate in Mallorca

  • A sculpture for a private office at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam

  • A bronze Corgi sculpture for a client in the USA

  • A Dolphin fountain-sculpture in The Netherlands

  • A  Gorilla sculpture for a client in the Netherlands

  • A big painting inspired by the Mediterranean summer

  • Interior styling of the luxurious Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

Ninon enjoys horse riding, sailing, skiing, writing poetry, dancing and making music. She plays percussion and sings in Latin Music Bands.

​She studied at the Academy of Art and graduated with a Master of Science in Cultural Journalism at the University of Amsterdam.

Ninon is also a Tibetan Yoga Teacher and is interested in Tibetan Buddhism. She uses these eastern philosophies for her daily life and for her art.

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