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Conservatorium Hotel - Amsterdam - 2011

In 2011 Ninon was working on a styling project for the interior of the luxury 5 star hotel 'Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam' in The Netherlands. While she was designing the styling for the interior of the restaurants, rooms, bar, corridors, spa etc, there was one space left in the hotel that could host a special object. The team came up with the idea that Ninon herself could make a sculpture for the hotel.


Ninon presented her idea of a life size Red Hippo to the Italian architect Piero Lissoni and the Israeli owner of the hotel, Alfred Akirov. Both immediately approved the idea.


Ninon worked for months to bring the concept in her head to life; a friendly, huggable red hippo that would be glamorous, smooth and streamlined like a Ferrari.


The sculpture was made entirely by hand and a huge effort was put in to realize the highest quality finish. After 'Hippo' was inaugurated in November 2012, witnessed by the press, it soon became an adored mascot to both employees and guests. 

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