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The Royal Senchi Resort - Ghana - 2015

The owner of the 5 star 'The Royal Senchi Resort' in Ghana was visiting Amsterdam, staying in the luxury Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam, when he stumbled on Ninon's first sculpture of a life size Red Hippo on his way to the Spa.  He loved the Hippo instantly and could only think of one thing; that a red Hippo should be made for his resort in Ghana, which is situated alongside a river where hippos used to thrive.


The Hippo was first made by Ninon in the Netherlands and then shipped to Ghana by boat. Ninon was invited to fly over for the Hippo's inauguration at the resort. During a special celebration, Ninon had the honour of pulling off a white cloth together with the new owners of Hippo to reveal the sculpture to guests for the first time. She had an unforgettable experience in Ghana with the new owners of Hippo. 

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